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Select your mastering option:

Analog Mastering - $100/song

Analog mastering is by definition how it should always be done. Most would call this the "old fashioned" way of mastering. This means we are actually taking your song & running it out of our computer and through actual physical pieces of hardware to enhance your song. This process takes a lot more time & is more effective overall, as it gives the engineer better control of the dynamics of the track.

Digital Mastering - $60/song

Digital mastering is a modern technique that has become more common in the current musical landscape. Digital mastering is all done "in the box". In other words, it is all done using plugins and processors on the computer. No additional hardware is used. Most of these plugins that are used are digital replications of actual hardware that exists in the real world. While these plugins are often close in sound to their real-world counterparts, it is not exact.

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