Frequently Asked Questions


Will I receive a copy of my music when I finish, or can you email me the songs?

The days of leaving the studio without a copy of your music are over. Not only will you leave with your music in hand, but we will email your songs at your request at no extra charge on the same day. Doesn't get any better than this !!

What recording software do you guys use to record? And, do you have effects such as Autotune, vintage sounds, etc?

Although there are many recording software options, we primarily use Protools. We have found that its common use by consumers makes it easier to import sessions our clients bring to us to edit. On a regular basis, we produce those same sounds that you are describing. We have all the latest plug-ins, and know how to make them work for you!

Do you guys charge to make corrections to my songs I recorded with you?

If the corrections you require are "Engineer based errors" That could have been corrected during the time you paid for, then you will not be charged. (These are usually mixing issues such as "my vocals are too loud" etc). If you want changes such as another engineer to mix it again, or anything that was not paid for during the recording session, you will then need to utilize our FIX MY SONG service, or our Remote Mixing Service. (These are usually request to create an open verse, show mix, clean version, etc).


Can your team produce clean edits, show mixes (only chorus, no vocals), and extend beats for other features that may want to get on a song i did?

YES, YES, and YES!
We can clean any song as long as we have the instrumental as well. Show mixes without main vocals must have the session files, or at least the instrumental if you cant get the sessions. If your just using the complete songs, just make sure you know how long you need the entire show mix to be. (For example: 8 minutes of on stage time). Extending a beat is no problem, just tell us how long you want it. Check out https://www.enviyon.com/fixorsendmysong or, https://www.enviyon.com/remotemixing


I recorded in your studio a while back and I want to make corrections to my music. How much will you charge, and do you still have the songs I did?

All music, vocals, and tracks are kept in our secured hard drives and can be accessed by one of our members. We keep the session files for that reason...In case you want to redo a part, but not the whole song. The rates are the same and the amount you pay will depend on how much time you need. Check out https://www.enviyon.com/fixorsendmysong


If my session starts at 12:00pm and I get there at 12:15pm, what time does my session actually start?

Your session time begins, not when you arrive, but when the booking was originally scheduled. You will loose studio time and we can not guarantee an extension of your session time due to other booked sessions.

Hello, can we shoot a music video in your studio? I have my own camera man.

If you cant have fun with your music, what's the point? Yes,we allow music video recordings in our studio and you only pay for the time you are there. This is no different from normal recording session rates, as long as you dont break anything! This applies only if you are using your own videographer. Rules: We do not allow any types of weapons on the premises. This includes Prop guns, etc.

What are the prices for the studios to book session?

Check our prices out here! https://www.enviyon.com/pricing


If I recorded a song, and I didn't like the engineer, can I get a free redo session with the engineer I want?

Unfortunately, Once a session is completed, the engineer who recorded you is credited for that session. In the future you should book your preffered engineer by calling to check their work schedule so you can book with them. If your song was mixed poorly you may submit the fix my song form stating specific issues, and those errors will be corrected by a staff member at no extra charge to you.


I don't have a credit card or bank account. Can i just come in on the day on my session and pay in cash?

No, Unfortunately, we require a deposit for all services prior to any bookings. If you can only pay cash, you will need to come in and put a deposit down before you can be booked.

If I make a deposit and I don't show up to my recording session, can I just move my deposit to a different day?

If you cancel your session 24 hours in advance, we'll apply your deposit as a credit for another date. Otherwise, the deposit will credited to the engineer who waited for you at the time of your scheduled session.

How Much do you guys charge by the hour?

Our prices are based on the services you require! Check them out at https://www.enviyon.com/pricing

Can we come in and only record for 30 minutes if we dont need a whole hour?

There is a 1 hour minimum to book a recording session. We take pride in our work. We don't want you to leave with unmixed, or bad material. We need at least 1 hour to produce excellent mixes, and provide you with what we have to offer.


Enviyon Careers

The family enviroment we establish here at Enviyon invite talented engineers, artist, and producers to join the next generation of HipHop. We are currently accepting applications, please apply online today. https://www.enviyon.com/engineer-application


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