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Live Room Reservation

Looking to record more than just vocals? Maybe some drums or guitars? Trying to set up a rehearsal for your band? We designate our Studio F for that purpose. Studio F is our room with multitracking abilities & enough space to accommodate a small group of musicians. Engineer Included, no set up or cleanup fee.



All band sessions must call to book, we need to make sure we have every detail accounted for so you have the best session possible! 
 Office: (708) 465-6751
or email us at:

We will send the RAW stems at the end of the session. We can throw a quick mix on the songs if time permits, but if you would like the songs properly mixed/mastered, that will be an additional service or will require additional time to be booked. So please plan your session accordingly!

Before you call to book, please have the following questions ready to answer in case we ask:

How many people will be recording?

What instruments will you be recording?

Will you be bringing your own instruments or using some of ours?

How many songs are you trying to record? What is the end goal of the session?

Will all members of the band be recording at the same time? Or one member at a time?


Sony C-800G x1

Manley Reference x1

Audix ADX51 x2

Audix D2 x2

Audix D4 x 1

Audix D6 x 1

Audix i5

Samson C02 x2 

Audio Technica AT2020 x1

MXL 990 x1

Shure SM57 x3

Shure Beta 52A x1


Universal Audio Apollo x8p

Audient ASP800

Universal Audio 4-710d

Neve 1074DPX

Universal Audio Teletronix LA-2A

ART Pro Channel II

Line 6 POD HD Pro X

House amps/instruments:

Fender Rumble 25 Bass Combo Amp

Fender Champion 40 Combo Amp

G&L Tribute ASAT 6-string Guitar (right handed)

Jackson Spectra JS2 4-string Bass Guitar

Williams Allegro III 88-weighted Keyboard

Drums: Gretsch Energy 5-piece Set
   Kick drum
: (1) x 18”x22” kick drum
   Snare drums: (1) x Gretsch 5.5”x14” wood snare, (1) x Tama 6.5”x14” steel snare
   Toms: (1) x 7”x10” rack tom, (1) x 8”x12” rack tom, (1) x 14”x16” floor tom

    Cymbals: Zildjian I-Series Pro set (14” hi-hats, 14” crash, 16” crash, 20” ride)

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