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Remote Mixing

What is remote mixing?

Remote mixing is a service that Enviyon offers for clients that may not have the availability to make it into our studios in person. Or perhaps you have a home setup to record yourself & just need us to mix it down. Either way, we are happy to help! This service offers you the chance to have your song(s) mixed by one of our specialized remote mixing engineers to ensure you get a mix that is ready for mass distribution and also has the classic Enviyon touch to it. 

What are the requirements to have my music remotely mixed?
The song MUST be sent under the following conditions:
1. First and foremost, we need the individual DRY stems of your song in order to mix it. "Stems" are the individual audio files for the beat, main vocals, background vocals, ad libs, etc... all of the "stems" together make up what is your song. If you only have a single MP3 or WAV file version of your song with the music and vocals interleaved within each 
other, we will not be able to mix it. We need to have control over every separate element of your song, thus why it is called "mixing". "DRY" stems means there are no effects or processing on the audio files. We will put all of the effects on when you send us the files. But if you send us your stems with effects like reverb, delay, Autotune, etc.. we won't be able to adjust or mix it properly. This will severely hinder your songs' potential and it will essentially be a waste of your money. So please make sure there are NO EFFECTS on your audio files that you send us.

2. All stems must be sent to us in the following format to ensure a quality mix: WAV file, 44.1khz, 24 
bit. If you are unsure how to export the DRY stems of your song, you can find a tutorial link below for the program of your choice:



3. Your stems need to be good quality! This should go without saying but you would be surprised how many people send us their songs to mix only to find out that the quality of their song stems are not in working condition at all! Yes, Enviyon has many major record label credits and has had multiple Billboard charting songs come out of our facilities. But that does not mean that anything we touch turns into gold. The biggest variable in our remote mixing service is the quality of the files you send us, so we are rather uptight with what we choose to accept. Enviyon fully reserves the right to reject a remote mix if the files are not deemed usable. So make sure your files don't have any popping, distortion, clipping, or any other harmful elements that will impact the integrity of your recordings.

4. Label your files please! It will help us know how your song is structured. We don't like making assumptions with your art, so please make sure you label which files are the verse, chorus, doubles, ad libs, and so on. We will not know your song at first so it will help us with our mix if we know which tracks are meant to be most prominent & which tracks are not.

5. Please provide us with contact info that you know you can be reached at. We may have questions that we want to discuss with you so it is imperative that you make sure we have a phone number and email that you can actually be reached at. Again, this seems like a no brainer, but you'd be surprised!

So what is the remote mixing process like?

So this works in a pretty simple process, our remote mixing process is as follows:

1. Submit the form below with your info and payment. Select any additional add-on services as well in the form below.

2. After you submit the form, send us your song stems via All WeTransfer links can be sent to In the description box of your WeTransfer link, please label your song in the following format so we know who and where it is coming from:

"[YOUR ARTIST NAME] - [NAME OF SONG] - Remote Mixing Stems" 


(This is a free file transfer site that can send files up to 2 GB & it requires no account to be created, only an email address. For this reason, it is our preferred method of file transfer between clients.)

3. We will then assess the quality of the audio files you have sent over & make a decision whether to move forward with the remote mix. In most cases there should not be an issue with this step at all. However, if the quality of the audio files are too poor & we do not feel we can produce a quality mix out of it, Enviyon fully reserves the right to reject the remote mix submission and refund the payment.

4. After we receive the files & approve them, we will have a mix back to you within 72 hours. Our engineer will reach out to you and you will have an open lane of communication with them so you can make any adjustment to your mix to ensure your satisfaction.

***Additional fees will incur if over 3 mix edits are requested***

This is the only way to keep it fair, as we have a real person working on your product and they need to be compensated correctly if they are spending an inordinate amount of time on a project.

5. Standardly, the remote mix process would end after step 4. But if you choose to pay for any addition services to your mix such as mastering or clean/radio edits, that's when this would occur. Once we get the approval from the mix by you, then we would move forward with these additional services and send you the completed versions of those as well.

***NOTE: Once you send us your files, those are what we will be mixing. If you have additional files that were not sent to us initially, or you have decided to add extra files, you will have to fill out an entirely new Remote Mixing form. MAKE SURE YOU SEND US ALL OF YOUR FILES THE FIRST TIME SO YOU DON'T HAVE TO PAY EXTRA***

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