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Want to learn how to be a great audio engineer? Ready to get your hands dirty? Well we have you covered! Enviyon Studios is a proud mentor in the Recording Connection program & we offer 6 month programs to qualifying individuals! We will cover a wide variety of topics. Through our training you can expect to learn:

  • Microphone Placement

  • Gain Staging

  • Avid Pro Tools software

  • Recording Session etiquette/leadership

  • Session Organization 

  • Industry Standard Mixing techniques

  • Mastering

  • Production tips & tricks

  • Digital vs. Analog techniques

  • Automation

  • Advanced Keyboard Shortcuts & Hot Keys

  • Patching/Signal Flow

  • Use of effects such as Reverb, Delay, Autotune, etc.

  • Universal Audio interfaces

And much, much more! That is just the tip of the iceberg!

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